Technical and Human Resources

DHM maintains nation-wide networks of 337 precipitation stations, 154 hydrometric stations, 20 sediment stations, 68 climatic stations, 22 agrometeorological stations, 9 synoptic stations and 6 Aero-synoptic stations. Data are made available to users through published reports, bulletiens, and computer media outputs such as hard copies or diskettes. DHM publishes data on an annual basis.

Most of the sections under DHM are equipped with personal computer systems connected through a network. The computers are not only used for database management but also for hydrological and meteorological modelling and analyses. Hydrological and meteorological studies are produced as reports every year. Recent publications include the reports on low flow analyses, flood risk assessment and integrated database developments.
DHM is equipped with several data collection facilities based on different technologies, such as, wireless communication, meteor burst, radiosonde, Satellite Distribution Information System (SADIS), Weather Fax, and satellite picture receiving system. Wireless system connects Kathmandu to 54 stations spread over Nepal for climatic and hydrological data whereas the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) links DHM to the global meteorological community.

DHM employs a staff of 237 personnel. Eighty-four staff are employed at field offices, 48 at basin offices, and 129 at the headquarters. Sixty professional staff and 143 technicians serving the department are supported by 34 administrative staff.